Dance Classes

Dance Classes

  • Ballet

    Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Students will learn and progress through the fundamentals of ballet technique pulling from various schools of ballet. Every level will consist of barre exercises and floor work including adagio, petite and grand allegro, and turns – all with an emphasis on terminology, technique and musicality.
    For those seeking ballet as a once or twice a week training class, we offer Levels 1-5. For a more intensive curriculum, with offerings including pointe, variations, and possible competition opportunities, Mohler Dance is proud to present the Chicago Ballet Conservatory.

    ATTIRE: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Girls must have their hair in a bun.
    Boys: White Tee, black dance pants/tights/shorts, black ballet shoes.

    Level 1 (5+) – students typically take 1 class per week
    Level 2 (7+) – students typically take 1 class per week
    Level 3 (9+) – students typically take 1 class per week
    Level 4 – students typically take (1) 90 minute class per week
    Level 5 – students are required to take (2) 90 minute classes per week
    Level 6 and up visit Chicago Ballet Conservatory

  • Tiny Tots

    Our specialized Tiny Tot Program is specifically designed for the preschool dancer. We give our younger students a solid dance foundation by incorporating pre-ballet, jazz and modern in a creative movement syllabus. Students learn, not only coordination, musicality, fine and gross motor skills, but also basic classroom etiquette and discipline. This foundation gives them the ability to easily transition into any of our other classes upon turning five years of age. Proper training for even our youngest dancers is crucial, not only for their future dance endeavors, but also to prepare them for their academic future.

    For children not yet ready to take class independently, we offer Boogie Babies for boys and girls 18mo-2yr. Click here for Boogie Babies info.

    ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes

  • Contemporary

    Through improvisation, performance exercises, and choreography, students will learn to fuse the disciplines of ballet, modern, and jazz with the goal of becoming a more well-rounded and versatile dancer.

    ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Tights or Black Dance Pants, Barefoot/Socks

  • TAP

    Students will learn and develop basic footwork, coordination, terminology and various rhythms. Each class consists of warm-up, center floorwork and progressive exercises. Students progress through many styles of tap including Soft Shoe, Buck and Rhythm tap all with an emphasis on timing, history and terminology.

    ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Tights or Black Dance Pants, Black Tap Shoes

  • JAZZ

    All levels will consist of a unique combination of traditional jazz technique and contemporary styles. Emphasis is placed on technique, terminology, body placement and timing. Every class will consist of full warm-up, progressions and choreographed combinations.

    ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Tights or Black Dance Pants, Black Jazz Shoes

  • Modern

    Modern is a form of dance with its own curriculum and syllabus. It is not to be confused with contemporary, lyrical, or hip hop. Our classes consist of a fusion of many different styles including Graham, Horton, Hawkins, Cunningham and more.

    Proper placement and use of the core is important. Therefore, a strong ballet technique is imperative to the advanced modern dancer. It is recommended students have studied ballet.

    ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Black Tights, Barefoot


    Hip Hop is an upbeat dance blending urban styles and contemporary funk. Students will learn the hottest new moves to today's (age-appropriate) music. Various hip hop elements are covered throughout the year, including power moves, freezes, footwork, timing and vocabulary. History and culture will also be taught.

    ATTIRE: Comfortable Clothing and Black Hip Hop Sneakers (high-top preferred)
    Girls must wear a black leotard or tight fitting camisole under clothing
    (No booty shorts, midriff shirts or low-cut tanks)

  • Acro

    Acro combines basic tumbling skills with acrobatic partnering and dance elements. Students work individually and in groups to develop skills featuring strength, balance and flexibility.

    Attire: Black Leotard, Black Tights, Barefoot

  • Musical Theater

    Musical Theater explores the dancer's theatrical side by introducing students to the world of Broadway in this jazz-based class. Students will learn routines emphasizing acting in their dancing and incorporating the use of physical expression of emotion and storytelling in movement.

    Boys and girls will incorporate the use of facial and physical expression of emotion and storytelling in movement and voice. through theater games and improvisation.

    ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Black Tights or Dance Pants, Black Jazz Shoes