"We LOVE the teachers! Also, it is a very classy and family-oriented environment.
My daughter feels like part of a family here."

"The quality of dance instruction and professionalism. I feel like my daughter is learning and improving…and continues to be challenged. I appreciate that everything seems to be well organized especially the recitals….I appreciate that the director seems to be running things NOT the parents."

Tim Barkley, Manager

"High quality instruction. Reasonable, but competitive cost.
Non-competitive environment grounded in traditional ballet curriculum."

Tim Barkley, Manager

"I really enjoy the one on one that the teachers do with the kids.
Especially when they are not paying attention to the moves; just saying their name(s), adjusting their position to show how they should do it, or approaching them and taking their hand to get them back involved and on track because when they are little it's easy to get distracted. Also, they are pleasant about it and make it fun for the kids as they are learning! They have a lot of patience with them yet firmly directing them. This keeps me there I believe it's the way to teach and they got it!"

Lisa Whistler, Consultant