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We believe dance is a reflection of life. The lessons learned at Mohler Dance Academy go far beyond the fluid movement or perfect form. Students learn grace and poise in a way only proper dance instruction can instill.

Beyond the visible lessons, our classes teach discipline, etiquette and self-esteem. We create an environment of encouragement and positive reinforcement that brings out the best in our students both in and out of the classroom. This is why we believe that the lessons learned at our school will truly last a lifetime. We feel there is no greater reward than the joy of a parent watching their child develop both as a dancer and as a person.

We pride our school on providing a non-competitive environment for students of all levels and ages. All of our classes are taught by qualified and degreed adult instructors.

"Mohler Dance Academy's purpose is to impart both the discipline and the joy of dance through a superior education. We offer a challenging, inclusive environment, focusing on fundamental principals and proven methods, delivered by highly qualified instructors. We treat every student as a unique individual and deliver them an education customized to their needs."

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